Frejvall's Astro Site

Welcome to my Astro Adventures!

I live Saltsjöbaden, South-East of Stockholm, and have done that since 1970. Immediately when my family moved here I noticed that the Stockholm Observatory was on a hill just a few hundred meters from our home. I didn't hesitate. The professors and researchers at the observatory were visited by the 12-yearold and after a while I was even out there at night helping out with this and that. The observatory houses a twin-barrel refractor of 400 and 600mm apterture, a 1m Schmidt, a 1m relfector, a 400mm astrograph and a couple of old small instruments.

The hobby lived on through the school years and I had my own keys to the Observatory until the early nineties. After that it sort of died out. Now, since a little over two years, I am completely and utterly trapped in the fascinating field of astrophotography. The equipment is piling up and I do most of my work from a pier on my balcony. It works OK.

Having worked for 33 years with electronics and software development as well as general IT systems, the modern world of astronomy is truly a good fit for me. This site is new (launched in mid February 2013) and will evolve to present my ideas, my stuff and the software and hardware I develop in order to get hte most out of my astro hobby.

I do not have any eye-pieces for my telescopes. Well, actually I have a 2" Celestron and a couple of 1.25" meade ones that are leftovers from previous projects, but I never use them. My telescopes have CCD cameras and I concentrate on getting images instead of observing.

Browse around, try my software and meet me at Progressive Astro Imaging, Stargazers Lounge or Cloudynights under the username "perfrej".


Per Frejvall